John S from Maryland wrote at May 25, 2014:
Please tour the east coast (Maryland, Virginia)...Ive seen you many times with the Jennys. Would love to see your solo show!!
Michelle from Saudi Arabia wrote at May 4, 2014:
ruth! you and your music are just simply amazing !!! My favorite song has to be 'dancing in the dark' it just speaks to me .please keep making music . i can't wait till i see you win a grammy ! come to LA i want to c u live and in person !!!
xoxo Michelle from saudi arabia !
Susan from formerly from Argenta wrote at April 29, 2014:
See you in Nelson Ms. Ruth xoxoxoxoxo11582689898
Gil from Bloomfield Ontario wrote at April 24, 2014:
Ok. After I heard your voice I bought the album and a banjo! I am going to learn your song Nothing without Love because I think its so beautiful. Thanks for your amazing gift to us all!
Greg Winegar from Juneau, Alaska wrote at April 14, 2014:
Absolutely loved your show here in Juneau. Have downloaded several songs that I listen to on morning walks. They are all good but especially like "Pockets" and "We can only Listen". Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful music with us.
CLAUDE from ISRAEL wrote at April 13, 2014:
I really love the way u sing, u deserve to play with Knopfler ... u must be so happy.
The wife of my friend has a nice voice too, she is not famous... so hard to make a cd, and live from her talent.
i send u this song, let me know ur opinion abt her.

thx and bravo for all u do.

dundas slim from dundas ontario wrote at March 17, 2014:
dear ruth-when i gave up the chance to see you at the pearl company in hamilton last spring to attend a course i was taking at the time, i figured it was a mistake. now i'm sure of it. Ive been a jennys fan for some time- now your 2 solo albums have me mesmerized. if and when you return to this part of the world, i won't make the same mistake again…promise.
ps can't believe you are not up for a juno for best album for these wilder things-be pulling for you and your producer for the production of dancing in the dark.
Carl and Rachel from Anchorage, Alaska wrote at March 15, 2014:
Your Anchorage performance was wonderful. A foot of blowing snow couldn't keep Anchorage folks away, but digging the car out afterwords was a chore!</p>
<p>Your band was terrific! Please show them off more!
Buckwheat Donahue from Skagway, Alaska wrote at March 10, 2014:
Ruth, Adam, Richard and Sam performed in my little town of Skagway, Alaska. Angelic harmonies, played instruments like spiders were plucking the strings. They didn't seem to mind the green room was the boiler room too. Wonderful winter moment for us. Thank you Ruth Moody.
Mary Davitt from Pittsburgh wrote at March 7, 2014:
Heard you on NPR interview and live .... a new fan forever! Come to Pittsburgh PA !
Taylor from San Juan Capistrano, Ca . wrote at March 7, 2014:
Please come to the Coach House in San Juan Capistrano, Ca .
They would love you and so would I !
angela greenan from irish wrote at February 16, 2014:
i love you music when are we going to see you live in north west of ireland please
Burr Wilson from Penngrove, CA USA wrote at February 15, 2014:
P.S. Played "Valentine" to my "One and Only" on this Valentines Day. Another instant Moody fan.
She wants your songs added her special love-day playlist. Icing on the cake.
Burr Wilson from Penngrove, CA USA wrote at February 15, 2014:
I'm a Mark Knopfler fan. While searching Internet listings for Knopfler concert videos, Youtube turned up with Ruth Moody singing Pockets with MK. Hmm, oh well, hit the play button and check it out ... whoa, what a surprise! Within a minute of listening to Ruth's beautiful voice on that video, I knew that I had found a beautiful gem to add to my MP3 music collection. Now I can't stop listening to it ...
And then, I find it's Ruth's beautiful voice backing MK on his Privateering album. Good going, girl!
Further interest in Ruth Moody leads me right into this website, and showcases her albums. Downloaded albums from Amazon, and am blown away. The song "These Wilder Things" makes me weak in the knees. Rarely am I so deeply affected by music, Well, you count me as a newbie-Moody fan.
Too bad that I wasn't aware that Ruth and her band played at the Sebastopol Community Center last October, just up the road from here. A near miss! I'm eagerly awaiting you and the band to return to Sonoma County. Oh, you can bring Mark along as your accompaniment - he's OK in my book.
kg wrote at January 21, 2014:
I just heard you on the radio in Chicagoland for folk Tuesdays and i was a new fan immediately few moments into "cold outside". I think I'm love and wanna marry that voice of yours.. Jk but damn your mesmerizing... Think i might catch you in Chicago. Kyle
David Hartz wrote at January 18, 2014:
Recently saw you with the Wailin' Jennys at the Crest.. went in "blind" to the concert, walked away a fan. All of you shine, however you're charisma and multi-instrumental talent was highly visible.... such that I checked out the CD's and found "These Wilder Things".. thoroughly enjoying it... next purchase is "40 Days." Look forward to experiencing the beauty and magic again!
Tree from Tacoma WA wrote at December 1, 2013:
Just saw you perform at Mississippi Studios in Portland. I went just for your band and it was totally worth it. (Travelin' shoes was awesome live!) Your voice is warm and gentle... Your lyrics real, speaking love, wisdom, and peace into the world. Love the new Cd. Keep writing! The world needs more musicians like you.
Michael from Poland wrote at November 11, 2013:
I heard you and your band first time as a support of Mark Knopfler in Royal Albert Hall on May 2013.
Thereafter I listen to you music everyday.
I was looking for some person or a band which can play good music in our times... Finally i found !!!
Thank you for being a last refuge of musisc.
Play Forever!
John Stevens from Maryland wrote at November 4, 2013:
Thank you for sharing your life with us through your beautiful music, Ruth. No doubt a beautiful soul like yours will attract all that is good and beautiful in this world. Your music stirred emotions in me like no music has before. Thank you for being you!
Scott from Seaside,OR wrote at October 29, 2013:
Travelled to Oakland to see Mark and was happy to see you join him on your Seattle...beautiful voice and now I am going to Portland to see you end of Nov. Cheers