Rob from California wrote at August 26, 2015:
Wife and I will see you with the Jennys in Monterey. Would be so nice if you could pop up to Portland on 9/13 and join Mark. You duet with Mark would make my wife's bucket list.

Hi Rob, sadly Ruth is not on those dates with Mark but we look forward to playing for you in Monterey!

Camila Silveira from Brazil wrote at August 20, 2015:
hello, I'm from Brazil, loved their songs especially "Live is long." Hug.


Thanks, Camila!

Brent L. from Beautiful Tomball, TX wrote at July 28, 2015:
I've seen you three times in Texas (Houston, Dripping Springs and Austin). That was 2 years ago and it would be great to see you in Texas soon! Please consider a tour in the Houston area. You have a big following in the Lone Star State!


I'll try, Brent! Thanks so much for your continued support, would love to play again for you soon!

John Allison from Columbus Oh wrote at July 24, 2015:
Enjoying your vocals on Tracker and the youtube videos from U.K. Just ordered These Wilder Things. My missus and I have Knopfler tickets for Portland 9/13 and I recall youdates.a connection to there. Hoping you can reconnect with M.K. and company and join the northwest dates.


Hi John, glad to hear you like the music! I'll be busy touring with the Jennys in the fall - you can check out those dates at

Craig Tresise from Australia wrote at July 21, 2015:
Wow ....... what a way to make my year .... discovering the voice of Ruth Moody. I have shared my serendipitous discovery with everyone. Amazing voice and the beauty of "Wherever I go" bought me to tears after hearing the song only twice.

Giant congrats and I just bought the Album because I must hear more. Might be camped by the letterbox for a few days.

Can't remove the smile.

Thanks so much for the kind words, Craig! Glad you're enjoying the music!

Tim C from Saudi Arabia wrote at July 13, 2015:
Hello Ruth,

First I have to say a big thank you to Mark Knopfler for making me aware of you. When I heard your voice on Tracker I was instantly hooked.

In my dreams of heaven, the angels sound like you.

In addition to confessing my fandom, I also have a question. I've bought your two albums on iTunes but have not been able to find them in high resolution anywhere? Do you have any plans to release them in hi-res? (Not that the iTunes quality is bad, its actually quite good for both albums, but I'd love to hear them in hi-res.)



Hi Tim, thanks so much! There are no immediate plans to release them this way, but if we decide to do so we will announce it here on the site!

Frederick Berry from United State, Maine wrote at June 25, 2015:
Really enjoying the duet with Mark Knopfler,Wherever I Go. Outstanding.


Thanks, Frederick!

Johan from Holland wrote at June 22, 2015:
Hi Ruth, Thanks to Mark Knopflers music I know you and I enjoy your beautiful clear voice. What a great addition of Mark's music are you. Your clear voice blends so nicely with the harsh voice of Mark. I hope you will do even more with Mark in the future because it enriches his beautiful music, I've been a fan of for years. Furthermore, I wish you good luck and success with your own music. Ruth you're a great singer!


Thanks so much, Johan!

Alain from France wrote at June 19, 2015:
Votre sourire et votre voix, et instantanément la scène est plus grande, plus lumineuse et plus belle.
Merci pour ces moments de grâce absolue.


Merci, Alain! Au plaisir!

Eric from Holland wrote at June 12, 2015:
Hi Ruth,thanks for your beautiful music,..the song One Light Shining is the best song I have ever heard in my life..Your voice is exciting,very moving and unique voice. I couldnt think this music exists..but it does...and the cover from the Boss..i think better than the original,far more better :) Sorry Bruce..Why your musicians are so extreme professional and talented.. Thanks so much,admiring your music and person. Your music shows in a way who you are,and it shows,you are okay,girl!


Thanks, Eric!

Gus from Boulder CO wrote at June 10, 2015:
Hey Ruth I learned of you through Mark Knopfler, and consider These Wilder Things to be a masterpiece! I'm going to see him on 9/23/15 at Red Rocks and have just been thinking how totally awesome it would be to see you there with him! Anyway, hope to see you someday. All the best, Gus

Hi Gus, thank you so much for the compliment! If I do join him for any more dates, they'll be announced here.

Winny wrote at June 7, 2015:
Hi Ruth, I keep reading that you are Australian, but I thought you were born in Australia but our now a Canadian. Or am I wrong here?


That's correct, Winny. I was born in Australia but have spent much of my life in Canada.

Jeroen Graafmans wrote at June 7, 2015:
Thank you very much for your nice performance at the Mark Knopfler Tracker tour last night at the Amsterdam Ziggo Dome.

It was nice to meet you after te concert. I have a nice picture with you and me.

when you come back to the Netherlands, I go to you concert


Hi Jeroen, I'm glad you had a good time! See you again soon!

Colin from Rotterdam , Holland wrote at June 6, 2015:
Hello Dear Ruth , I was this week by the concerts show of Mark Knopfler in Antwerp and Amsterdam. What a great show was it! It was very nice to see you again in Amsterdam and Belgium. What was you great again with Mark. Especially the beautiful song " Wherever I Go" You did it great & fantastic. What a great singer you are. Besides Mark and The Common Linnets (Ilse Delange) I am a big fan of you too. Thanks for you great performance. I hope see you once time again in Holland. But the last time I was very disappiontment I have missed all the shows of yours itself in Holland a couple months ago. Therefore I was very happy to see you again by the concerts of Mark. Futher I wish to see you again and I wish you a very goodluch to you and have fun. Greeting Colin


Thank you, Colin! I hope to play for you again soon!

Fabrice from Nantes, France wrote at June 4, 2015:
Hello Ruth,
I was at the RAH in London on the 25th of May, then at the Zenith in Paris for the two nights, following Mark Knopfler ... And there you were! I discovered your work two years ago thanks to Knopfler's tour. Lucky me! :-) Your recent sets in London and Paris were just brilliant! Beautiful voice, Great Songs! You and ''the guys'' played and sang beautifully well together.
Now I would be happy to buy tickets to come and see YOU on stage again ...even if MK is not around ;-) Keep up the good work! Looking forward to listening to your next solo album!


PS: Merci à vous 4 pour votre disponibilité et votre gentilesse. Les échanges sympatiques pendant les séances de dédicaces et les belles photos resteront pour moi de très bons souvenirs :-)


Merci d'être venu, Fabrice!

Anton wrote at June 4, 2015:
Welcome to Amsterdam in the Ziggo Dome on June 6. I'm looking forward. Greetings, Anton


I'm looking forward to it as well!

Thierry from France wrote at June 3, 2015:
Hi Ruth,
Nice show with Mark Knopfler last night in Paris... I loved your voice, your songs and your sweetness... wanna see you in Canada


Thank you, Thierry!

Rodolphe from France wrote at May 30, 2015:
Thanks for your very beautiful show in Nice , France , yesterday evening and for your contribution to the Mark Knopfler show.
Your voice and your album are magnificent , and you be a beautiful person.
Thank you for having spoken in French.


Merci d'être venu, Rodolphe!

Kristian from Denmark wrote at May 29, 2015:
It's a small world of good music :) Being a fan of Emmylou Harris, I discovered The Wailin' Jennys a few years ago through your versions of Deeper Well and Bright Morning Stars, and I really enjoyed your albums. Then, recently, I heard this beautiful duet on the new album from long-time favourite Mark Knopfler (who also made made me discover Emmylou Harris in the first place), and I realized: That is the soprano from The Wailin' Jennys! Since then, I have sought out your solo work, and what a treasure I found. Your voice and music just lift my spirit. Thank you for that!


Thank you!!

Eileen Beresford from Kent wrote at May 28, 2015:
Saw you at the RAH 26/05/15, you have such a beautiful voice and your band mates were brilliant. I loved listening to your music, I must confess I have not got your cd however I mean to rectify this very soon. Thank you for a wonderful performance.


Thanks for the kind words, Eileen!