Theresa Sweeney from Montreal, Canada wrote at January 30, 2015:
I have just discovered you Ruth. Love your music. Will you perform in Canada (preferably Montreal, Ottawa or Toronto) in the near future or? I would promote it to the best of my abilities. :) Theresa
Laurent from France wrote at January 28, 2015:
Thank you so much for the fantastic performance yesterday at La Dame de Canton, in Paris. It was so intimate venue, and a so friendly atmosphere that suits perfectly to your songs.

Wish to see you soon back in Paris


Lorrain didier and capucine from Nancy wrote at January 27, 2015:
Great afternoon with Ruth and her band in Nancy(France),wonderful cover of "In my life"...
Bonne route(French joke!)
Marc from London UK wrote at January 24, 2015:
Hi Ruth, Sam, Adam and Adrian.
What a gig at The Old Queen's Head! It was an unbelievable thrill listening to you live! Unforgettable. I cannot wait to see you guys again.
Ruth, superb vocals. Your music truly resonates with me. Much Love to you all and looking forward to meeting you again!


Sabina from from Switzerland, Zug wrote at January 23, 2015:
Dear Ruth, Adam, Adrian and Sam

Last night I visited your only concert in Switzerland in Solothurn. This was simply a brilliant music experience! All the wonderful instruments that you play and then of course your voice Ruth, and the voices of Adrian and Sam. Your music I keep in my heart, also your positive attitude and your modesty. Thank you for this unforgettable musical evening !!! I hope very firmly that you soon again visited Switzerland. Then I look forward again to you and your music!

All the best and take care

Keith John Burley from England wrote at January 21, 2015:

Thanks for yesterday at Green Note-excellent performance as per usual.
Best wishes for Switzerland and rest of Europe

Doug Shaw from Calgary wrote at January 13, 2015:
Hi Ruth: I "discovered" you while listening to CBC out of Winnipeg. I was blown away the dulcet tone of your voice. I have been "Youtubing" you ever since. I would love to see you performing live. Is there any chance of you coming to Calgary in the near future. You seem to be performing everywhere but near here.
Peter from High Wycombe, UK wrote at December 10, 2014:
Hi Ruth,

Having been well and truly bowled over by your support on the MK tour last year, I'm taking some friends to see a couple of shows in the New Year (20/01 & 27/02). Interested to know whether you will be performing solo or with the band on those dates.

Thanks so much for introducing an aging and cynical muso to the delights of both yourself and the Jennies.



Karly Pitman from Austin, Texas wrote at November 16, 2014:
Dear Ruth,

I want to second what someone else wrote here - please come and play in Austin!! I regularly check your website and the Jenny's site to see if you are heading to our neck of the woods.

Your music is so healing and beautiful and touches the humanity we all share. Thank you for giving your gifts.

In support and admiration, Karly

Troy Cohrs from Northfield, MN wrote at October 13, 2014:
Hi Ruth and band. Thank you so much to you and the band for helping my wife Julie and I celebrate 19 years of marriage. It was an anniversary we will never forget, and much of that is thanks to your talent and a group of musicians whose only intent it seemed was to play amazing music, and debate Canada vs US superiority, :) . We were also deeply moved by Sam's vulnerability when he dedicated the last song to his grandmother. Thank you for trusting us with that moment and for an overall evening that left us awed and in love. We will be coming to a show again soon, no matter how far the drive. Be safe and be well,
Troy Cohrs
Joe Mrozek from Baltimore, MD wrote at October 9, 2014:
Hello Ruth,
It was great seeing you with your fellow Jennys last month at The Birchmere. As usual I thoroughly enjoyed myself and was very touched by your music. It looks like you'll be very busy the rest of this year between your dates with the Jennys as well as your dates with your own band. I know that you love performing but I'm sure it can be a little taxing at times. I'm looking forward to the day when your band comes close enough to my area because I know I'll really enjoy seeing you.
Take care and God bless you,
Joe Mrozek
Marcy J...G...E wrote at October 9, 2014:
Please visit Texas in 2015...Dallas-Ft. Worth-Austin. I know you are a fan of Emmylo's and so am I! You have a similar, yet unique quality. My favorite songs that I have heard you perform are Dancing in the Dark and accompaning Mark Knopfler on the beautiful song...Seattle (one of my favorites from Privateering). I will certainly buy a ticket when you book Texas and I am looking forward to your songs with Mark on his new album Tracker. Best regards...marcy
Rainer Gottfriedsen from German wrote at September 30, 2014:
Saw you on YT with Mark Knopfler (Pockets). Wonderful, beautiful, thank you.
John S from Maryland wrote at September 23, 2014:
Saw you with the Jenny's at the Birchmere - twice!!
Please come to the Mid-Atlantic to sing your beautiful songs!
Cam Owens from Victoria, Canada wrote at August 24, 2014:
Ruth, I have been a big fan of yours for many years. I never get the courage to come up and see you after the shows, even when, like last night at Butchart Gardens, you invite us to do so. Oh well, I wanted to leave a note here anyway. I really appreciate your voice - one of the prettiest in the world, as well as the depth and spirit of your songs. I am somewhat of a song writer also and I wanted to give you a couple songs as a gift. They're ones I wrote (and even recorded) a few years ago but i think they are kinda your style and I'd love to hear you sing them. Do you have an email I can send them to and see what you think? Warmly, Cam
Peter Geike from New England, USA wrote at August 20, 2014:
Just happen to find your music on iTunes radio and fell totally in love with your voice. Your music is spell-binding, great lyrics and beautiful sound. Hope you release more albums and keep going. You have a fantastic talent! My favorite song so far is "Cold Outside".
Dominic Fielden from Bath, England....but now in Vancouver wrote at August 13, 2014:
I see you are going to be in Victoria....any chance you might pop into Vancouver. I'll have some organic flatbread pizza waiting for you! Dominic
Michael Martin from Cincinnati wrote at July 6, 2014:
I heard you on the 40th anniversary edition of "A Prairie Home Companion," on National Public Radio with Garrison Keillor. What was the name of that beautiful song that you did? What album is it on?


Hi Michael. We performed One Voice and Bird Song. You can find One Voice on 40 Days or Live at the Mauch Chunk Opera House, and you can find Bird Song on Bright Morning Stars. Thanks for listening!

Max Lewis from Seattle wrote at July 2, 2014:
The These Wilder Things album is absolutely stunning! Gorgeous, moving! Please come to Seattle! [We'll see you on Dec 4 with the Jennys, but would love to attend a solo concert as well!
Thank you so much for this beautiful work!


Hi Max. I'll be in the Pacific NW in November - shows in Friday Harbour and Orcas Island.

Paul Mann wrote at June 25, 2014:
I am listening to Life is Long as I study at home. Your amazing voice causes me to stop my studies, sit and listen. Thank you Ruth, now I just need for you to come to Knoxville, TN.

Hi Paul - Thanks for your note. I'll be touring through TN (shows in Nashville, Athens, and Pulaski) in October and hope to add a Knoxville show. I hope you can make a show!