David from Denver, CO wrote at April 10, 2015:
I recently listened to Mark Knopfler's new album and was intrigued by a female vocalist I'd never heard of. A little research led me to download your album These Wilder Things. All I can say is wow. Absolutely beautiful!


So glad you're enjoying the music, David! Thanks for the kind words!

Sue Owen from Australia wrote at April 10, 2015:
Just heard the new version of your song, One Voice, by Kerry Ellis and Brian May. It is very beautiful, as was your original version. You should ask Kerry and Brian to appear and sing it with you at one of your Albert Hall Concerts. They are musicians, musicians and appear to thrive on performing.


Thanks for the heads up, Sue! We'll check it out.

Todd from Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada wrote at April 9, 2015:
When will you be coming back to Winnipeg?


Hard to say, Todd, we've got lots of international dates this year! Please keep an eye on our tour page for any new shows as they come up.

Carol from Delta, BC wrote at April 4, 2015:
Just heard Mark Knopfler's "Tracker" yesterday and loved your vocals, and the opportunity to be introduced to your talent. Excited to hear you are touring with MK's band in Europe. I hope that gets extended to Vancouver in September - as I have tickets and would love to hear you live.


Thanks, Carol! We're excited about the Europe shows, too. Please keep an eye on my tour page for dates beyond that.

Sue Roundy from Lopez Island USA wrote at April 3, 2015:
Lopez loves you and your amazing band Ruth! Your beautiful songs graced our stage and made us happy. Please come back to our little island anytime!


Thanks, Sue! So glad you enjoyed the show!

Ryan from Victoria, Canada wrote at March 26, 2015:
The love of my life returned to my life a few weeks ago, and I have your music to thank for that, at least partially. She shared your wonderful music with me because she told me how much it reminded her of me while we were apart. With her in my arms and your songs "Nothing without love" and "One and Only" playing through my computer speakers in the suite we had rented for the weekend I was, for the first time in a long time, completely happy and at peace. Thank you for sharing your gift with the world. I sent you a longer email that I hope you have the time to respond to, but I understand you have a tight schedule.


Glad to hear that, Ryan!

Joe Mrozek from Baltimore, MD wrote at March 21, 2015:
Hello Ruth,
I think it's just so great how you and Mark Knopfler have come together again to record and tour. I believe Mark knows a good thing when he sees and hears it. I just received Mark's new CD yesterday and I really enjoyed it especially the songs you sang in. I like how Richard Ford mentioned in the liner notes about the " pitch-perfect duet with the celestial-voiced Ruth Moody". I know you're excited about the upcoming dates with Mark. It makes me proud to see you having such success and yet remaining such a humble and sweet person that you are.
Take care,
Joe Mrozek


Thanks, Joe!

Carlos from Spain wrote at March 19, 2015:
Hello, Ruth. When will you and your coleagues visit Spain? Good artists and musicians as all of you are always welcome here. Just ask Mark Knopfler and he will tell you! ;) Greetings from Valencia (Spain)


Thanks, Carlos! Hopefully one day!

Henry wrote at March 13, 2015:
Saw you at Port Fairy Folk Festival on Saturday. We loved your show. Hope you're back soon.
Andrew Barrington from Melbourne Australia wrote at March 9, 2015:
I saw you perform, for the first time, at the Port Fairy Folk Festival on 8th March 2015. You were wonderful / inspirational ...thank you! I will now go and buy all your music - as you ran out of C/D's on the last night. I will (hopefully) enjoy listening to your songs for years to come. I tend to be a bit stuck in the 80's with my music taste but you have re-invigorated me. Thank you for enriching my weekend at Port Fairy.
Mark Crompton from Auckland, New Zealand wrote at February 17, 2015:
Hi Ruth
My two teenage daughters and myself had the very great pleasure of seeing you perform at The Tuning Fork here in Auckland this Friday just gone. Wow. An extraordinary experience that we all loved. When I say you I'm speaking of the collective that we saw on stage. I would like to thank you all for a wonderful night. Very special to see you perform with your sister. I would encourage you to release more material on vinyl. The warmth and depth of your sound would be so much better represented on vinyl.
Cheers from one of your Kiwi fans
Austin from Utah wrote at February 6, 2015:
God I love this music.


Thanks, Austin!

Theresa Sweeney from Montreal, Canada wrote at January 30, 2015:
I have just discovered you Ruth. Love your music. Will you perform in Canada (preferably Montreal, Ottawa or Toronto) in the near future or? I would promote it to the best of my abilities. :) Theresa
Laurent from France wrote at January 28, 2015:
Thank you so much for the fantastic performance yesterday at La Dame de Canton, in Paris. It was so intimate venue, and a so friendly atmosphere that suits perfectly to your songs.

Wish to see you soon back in Paris


Lorrain didier and capucine from Nancy wrote at January 27, 2015:
Great afternoon with Ruth and her band in Nancy(France),wonderful cover of "In my life"...
Bonne route(French joke!)
Marc from London UK wrote at January 24, 2015:
Hi Ruth, Sam, Adam and Adrian.
What a gig at The Old Queen's Head! It was an unbelievable thrill listening to you live! Unforgettable. I cannot wait to see you guys again.
Ruth, superb vocals. Your music truly resonates with me. Much Love to you all and looking forward to meeting you again!


Sabina from from Switzerland, Zug wrote at January 23, 2015:
Dear Ruth, Adam, Adrian and Sam

Last night I visited your only concert in Switzerland in Solothurn. This was simply a brilliant music experience! All the wonderful instruments that you play and then of course your voice Ruth, and the voices of Adrian and Sam. Your music I keep in my heart, also your positive attitude and your modesty. Thank you for this unforgettable musical evening !!! I hope very firmly that you soon again visited Switzerland. Then I look forward again to you and your music!

All the best and take care

Keith John Burley from England wrote at January 21, 2015:

Thanks for yesterday at Green Note-excellent performance as per usual.
Best wishes for Switzerland and rest of Europe

Doug Shaw from Calgary wrote at January 13, 2015:
Hi Ruth: I "discovered" you while listening to CBC out of Winnipeg. I was blown away the dulcet tone of your voice. I have been "Youtubing" you ever since. I would love to see you performing live. Is there any chance of you coming to Calgary in the near future. You seem to be performing everywhere but near here.
Peter from High Wycombe, UK wrote at December 10, 2014:
Hi Ruth,

Having been well and truly bowled over by your support on the MK tour last year, I'm taking some friends to see a couple of shows in the New Year (20/01 & 27/02). Interested to know whether you will be performing solo or with the band on those dates.

Thanks so much for introducing an aging and cynical muso to the delights of both yourself and the Jennies.