Day One – UK & Ireland Tour

Posted on Friday, January 13th, 2012.

We all arrived in one piece, and none of our instruments were lost OR broken. Whooo!

By the time everyone was assembled and ready to go, with all needs met and mini-errands taken care of, we had spent more than five hours in Heathrow Airport. Parking: 30£.

My favourite moment of today: When Sam asked Dave, the car rental drop-off man, if there was somewhere quiet near Heathrow where we might be able to practice driving on the other side of the road. Sam Howard, bringing a little bit of Portlandia to London….

The sun was setting by the time we left, which was strange, given that it had already felt strange for it to be morning when we arrived (when it was really the middle of the night.) Full days, evaporating into thin air.

By some stroke of luck Gerry from Twickfolk in Twickenham saw our desperate amp plea via twitter and came to meet us with not only an amp for us to borrow but a ukulele – the two things that we weren’t able to bring on this trip. The latter of which I wish I could have because she is all fixed up and ringing like new after receiving a heart-breaking injury on our flight to Roanoke last tour. But luggage space was limited on this trip. Thank you Gerry for bringing us a loaner!!!

Adam drove like a pro, honorary Australian that he is, and got us to Warwick (with the help of co-navvy Adrian), where we are now nestled into slightly lumpy and lopsided but heavenly beds, with our newly acquired dongles, (that’s right, dongles), and our bellies full of curry.

Tomorrow the real tour begins. Sam and I were laughing about the fact that you can go for whole days learning to navigate new cities/countries and trying to find rental equipment locations and taking care of little things like transferring money into different currencies and learning about dongles and trying to track down items you’ve already lost on the first day (tea-thermos – left on plane – owner shall remain nameless) and buy things you forgot to pack (plug adapter) etc etc….and it can feel at the end of the day like your actual job is to run or drive around and run these kinds of errands, forever. And then you think to yourself – ‘Wait…we’re actually here to play music!’ And that feels like a strange and wonderful concept.

We are excited to play some music tomorrow.

Now for some sleep….